Electricians Portland

Electricians Portland
Our residential electricians in Portland ME work hard to keep your power up during severe weather. While the power grid itself is the responsibility of the utility companies, your electrical service can be upgraded to make your life easier and more convenient. You also can have a backup generator installed, so that you’ll have safe and secure power if the grid fails.

Your electrician can upgrade your home so that you have enough accessible outlets, regardless of the age of your house. Your house, if it is older, doesn’t have enough outlets in each room. It may not have electrical switches in each room, either, because not every house is built with ceiling fixtures, believe it or not. Upgrading the electrical service in your home will make it easier to sell. In some cases, you can’t sell a house if it has outdated electrical service. With the advancement in accessible technology, your electrician can install accessible outlets and switches throughout your house.


For example, most outlets are located between 24 and 30 inches above the floor. However, this can be very difficult for someone to reach if they must use a walker, or are confined to a wheelchair. Your electrician can install the outlets higher on the wall so that you can reach them without losing your balance.

Switches are installed 36 to 42 inches above the floor, and always above outlets – not lower. However, this may not be accessible to you. Your electrician can install switches that you can reach easily. In fact, he may ask you if you are right handed or left handed – not because there are right and left handed switches, but because he can place the switch on either side of the door for your convenience.

Switches and outlets in the kitchen and bathroom can also be conveniently placed. In the kitchen, you can have them placed under the edge of the counter top, so that you can reach them more easily. The disposal switch and light switch are usually to the right of the sink, over the counter. If you are restricted to a wheelchair or have your reach compromised in some other way, this can be totally inaccessible.

In the bathroom, electrical outlets are especially necessary for grooming and cleanliness. However, improper outlets can be deadly. A GFI outlet is required for any outlet near a source of water. This will disconnect automatically if there is any kind of fault with the power supply, keeping you from being shocked. Accessible outlets in the bathroom will make your life easier and safer, as well.

Types of Adaptations

You may prefer rocker switches in your home, if you need accessibility. Flip switches are the most commonly installed, but for ease of use, a rocker switch is best. Another adaptation you might appreciate are motion sensor lights. This saves you the trouble of switching the lights on and off altogether.

Handicapped people often take a longer time bathing and dressing in the bathroom. Therefore, you may want heat lamps installed in the bathroom to reduce the likelihood of getting chilled.

You can even have a charging station installed to recharge the battery on your wheelchair. He may put a 4-plex outlet near the head of your bed, too. This will power your phone, alarm, lamp, and anything else you need to plug in.

Your thermostat may also need to be placed where you can reach it. Your electrician can take care of that, and your landscape lighting as well. Outdoor lights and sprinkler systems can be placed where they are easy to reach. You can also have the breaker box re-routed so that you can reach it. No more navigating the cluttered garage to get to the breaker box you can’t reach. Contact us here @ http://residentialelectriciansa.com

So if you don’t already have a go-to residential electrician in Portland ME, contact Mr. Electric of Greater Portland ME. You can call 207-892-4020, or go to our website to get a quote.

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