Former Vice President Is More Than an Environmental Crusader November 2015

Al-Gore, former US Vice President in an address at the annual Deal Book conference said that he is now employing his environmental concerns to make money for his company, Generation Investment Management. The company doesn’t blindly invest in companies based on their growth. A thorough investigation of the company and their environmental practices is done before a company goes into their portfolio. Not only, his company makes sure of the environmental sustainability of a company, but also the ethical practices of the company are investigated before adding to their portfolio. The way a company treats its employees, the health of the employees and their business ethics are all investigated before being added.

Al-Gore refused to comment on the upcoming Presidential elections but instead spoke on how to be an environmentalist and still make money for oneself in an ethical way. He also spoke about the debate on long term versus short term investments. He said that typically the holding periods for investements were six to seven years but it now has reduced to a mere four weeks. This gives no time to analyze the business practices of the investment. He concluded by stating his belief that long term investments giving the maximum returns.