English Premier League to Go Sponsor Free


English Premier League announced that it was going to eliminate its title sponsors for the next season 2016 to 2017. This move came as a means to project a clean brand free image for the sporting event. It is to be observed that major American sporting events like NBA, NFL do not have a single title sponsor. The English Premier League committee took up this decision as an attempt to project a clean image for the event like several major American sporting Events.

A spokesperson representing English Premier League in a press event announced that Barclay’s the title sponsor for the event had been very co-operative and supportive for all the major decisions of the committee and it had been a great pleasure to be associated with the brand. The league stated that individual clubs still retained their choice to have associations with commercial brands. It is to be noted that the English Premier League went without any major sponsor for the year it was inaugurated. After that they signed a four year deal with brewers Carling.

An Analysis on Which Ads Could Get You More Votes?


With the US presidential elections coming up in November next year, we are going to be bombarded with more and more commercials for the leading candidates. With approximately $10 billion USD to be spent on the campaigns, nearly a half of the amount is to be spent on TV commercials. Now a study conducted by Copypop.com, an online website that tests the efficiency of commercials states that emotions play a big factor in influencing audience.

The company polled several ads by leading presidential candidates on the following factors:
How much the ad was liked by viewers?
What emotions were felt by the viewers while watching the ads?
How much emotions were felt by the audience?
Factors like data, statistics were received poorly by the audience and emotions held the audience enthralled. These were the factors concluded as a result of the study by the online site. The site tested six ads from leading candidates and found that the ads that were packed with emotions swung voters. Several voters reflected that after watching ads they were made to change their minds about their choice of candidate. The ads that were most influential in this poll were Bush’s “The Real Donald Trump” and Clinton’s “Family”.