Qatar Gearing for the Soccer World Cup 0f 2022

Qatar is to play the host for the Soccer World Cup of 2022. This is the first time the oil country is to play host to an international sporting event of this magnitude. With scorching heat and dust, blazing in the desert, sports critics are wary of how the country will be able to manage the green playing fields. New fully air conditioned stadiums are being built in the sand plains of the country. Now, several leading researchers and botanists from all over the world have been commissioned to test varieties of grass that can remain green and withstand the harsh climate of the region.

Mulla who is in charge of the turf for the Soccer World Cup organizing committee was quoted that they are looking for grass that is durable, can remain fresh and green. Several strands of plastic grasses are being flown from around the world and are rigorously tested in labs and on the playing field. The world cup is scheduled to be held in November when the temperatures would have cooled down a bit, but still reach over 75 degree Fahrenheit. But the sample of grass is tested to withstand the heat of summer in Qatar. One type of grass being tested is called Latitude 36, which is currently used by the soccer team of Kansas City, Texas. The blades of the grass are so fine so as to mimic the frictional force provided by real grass.

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