Air Conditioning – Window Units

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Air Conditioning – Window Units.

If you do not have the luxury of having central air conditioning in your home, you may find that you are spending more and more time in front of your refrigerator this summer to stay calm. If you have your choice of installing one window unit air conditioner, chances are that you will choose to install it in your bedroom. Would you like to know some helpful tips for AC installation? Here are 5 basic tips for installing a window unit air conditioner. More about: Air Conditioning Services New-Braunfels here


1) If you have an older or a huge air conditioner, you will find that it will rest on external brackets. However, most modern-day units will rest on sill-mounted supports. Ensure you follow the helpful tips for AC installation with your newly purchased unit. If the mounts are not installed properly, when you raise the sash, the air conditioner could fall from the window and damage not only the unit but everything that happens to be underneath it. Before you install your air conditioner, examine the window sill first. If it seems soft or even partially rotten, you may wish to replace the sill or look for another window in which to put your air conditioner.

2) You must screw one end of the bracket with your air conditioning unit into the window sill. A center screw must be adjusted to ensure the unit is level and to provide concentration drainage. If the frame of your window is metal, then to install the brackets, you must use sheet-metal screws. To set the air conditioner in place, open the window wider than necessary. Now follow the helpful tips for AC installation in the instructions that come with your unit. If your air conditioner is too heavy, find someone to help you lift the unit. As you slide the unit into the window’s opening, a pocket can be found underneath the unit, which will lock in place over the bracket.

3) When you put the air conditioner inside the window’s opening, you will find extensions on both sides of the unit that you will open out. This will close up any gaps between the window and the air conditioner. Fasten each extension to the window sash only after each extension fits snuggly against the window.

4) Most air conditioners are provided with angle brackets that will secure the two window sashes. This will ensure that they are secured over your air conditioning unit.

5) To seal the AC installed inside, use the foam strip that usually comes with most air conditioning units. This is done to fill the air gap where the window sashes overlap. Go outside to caulk the unit, check the owner’s manual for operation and maintenance, plug in your unit, and enjoy a wonderfully cool room.