Drug Abuse is the Prime Issue of New Hampshire Residents

As New Hampshire is all set to go to the polls as a run-up to the upcoming presidential elections in November, a poll conducted by the University of Hampshire survey center states that drug abuse is the No.1 issue for the residents of the tiny state of New Hampshire. While other states all over country state unemployment and low wages as the No.1 issue, New Hampshire is the only state to state drug abuse as its primary concern.

This comes as a surprise as in a poll conducted on February 2013, no resident stated drug abuse as the primary concern. But this year, the issue has grown from being ranked at 4 percent to 25 percent. This comes as a result of severe drug abuse and overflow of drugs in the tiny state. At least one case of death due to drug abuse is reported in the state on a daily basis.

Drug abuse leads to drop in the overall productivity as a majority of the victims are severely addicted to perform their jobs. Center has increased the budget allocated for dealing with drug abuse by a huge amount. This money will go into states to create treatment centers for those addicted and also to raise awareness of the effects of using opiates and other narcotics.