Qatar Gearing for the Soccer World Cup 0f 2022


Qatar is to play the host for the Soccer World Cup of 2022. This is the first time the oil country is to play host to an international sporting event of this magnitude. With scorching heat and dust, blazing in the desert, sports critics are wary of how the country will be able to manage the green playing fields. New fully air conditioned stadiums are being built in the sand plains of the country. Now, several leading researchers and botanists from all over the world have been commissioned to test varieties of grass that can remain green and withstand the harsh climate of the region.


Mulla who is in charge of the turf for the Soccer World Cup organizing committee was quoted that they are looking for grass that is durable, can remain fresh and green. Several strands of plastic grasses are being flown from around the world and are rigorously tested in labs and on the playing field. The world cup is scheduled to be held in November when the temperatures would have cooled down a bit, but still reach over 75 degree Fahrenheit. But the sample of grass is tested to withstand the heat of summer in Qatar. One type of grass being tested is called Latitude 36, which is currently used by the soccer team of Kansas City, Texas. The blades of the grass are so fine so as to mimic the frictional force provided by real grass.

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Donald Trump Predicts a Gloomy Economy for the US


In an interview to The Washington Post, Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump forecasted a further slump in the national economy of the US. In the interview, he said that the national unemployment numbers are actually higher than the official number given by the government. He said that the country is on the verge of another financial bubble that will surely bring in another recession if drastic measures are not taken. Outsourcing of jobs to countries like China and Mexico is one of the several reasons behind the current economic slowdown. He also announced that he has plans to make several deals happen that will create new jobs and bring down the unemployment numbers over a period of eight years.


Donald Trump is an influential business magnate who is likely to be the Republican Presidential candidate in the upcoming November elections. His colleagues at the Republican Party have cautioned him to tone down his blatant outspoken views so as no alienate voters. Trump in the interview to Washington Post has obliged to reduce the national debt of $19 trillion dollars during a course of eight years. His words appeal to the blue collar workers who are the most severely affected by the recent unemployment crisis in several sectors.

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Bill Ackman Voices His Support for Bloomberg as Presidential Candidate

bill ackman

Bill Ackman, the CEO of Pershing Square Capital is well known as his roles as investor and public activist. In an interview to Financial Times, Bill Ackman publicly voiced his interest to support Michael Bloomberg if he decides to run for the Presidential election. Bill Ackman, acknowledges the keen knowledge and insight of the former New York city mayor, Michael Bloomberg. Bloomberg has been publicly declaring his interest to be part of the upcoming presidential election in November.


Michael Bloomberg is the founder and CEO of the financial firm, Bloomberg LP. He has also served as the mayor of New York City. Bloomberg has huge financial wealth that could help in his campaigns if he decides to contest in the elections. Bill Ackman believes that Bloomberg would be the right choice to move America back to its path of greatness. Bill Ackman also wrote that Bloomberg’s standing as an independent and his financial knowledge make him the right choice in this period of financial turmoil of the country. Ackman also believes that the Republican party will have no difficulty choosing Bloomberg from its top three contenders Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Michael Bloomberg.

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